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Temecula Window Cleaning & Screen Repair

Window Cleaning

Would you like to finally eliminate those annoying streaks from your windows? Let our company save you time and energy with our customized window cleaning services. We are licensed, insured and use the best methods and environmentally friendly products to give your windows the most brilliant and lasting shine they’ve ever had.

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Screen Repair

Keep insects and pests from entering your home or business with our professional screen repair and replacement services. Let our experienced team do the job for you. Save energy and money by using solar screens. Custom Window Washing & Screens takes care of the exterior of your home and business.

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Pressure Washing

We clean all types of architecture and hardscapes with our pressure washing services! Including but not limited to stucco, house siding, roof washing, driveways, patio deck & outdoor furniture. Can be done on the same day as your window cleaning. Call us to schedule an appointment or get your free estimate.

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Temecula’s Custom Screen Experts

Custom window washing and screens has built countless custom screens for sliding glass doors and windows to accommodate just about any need imaginable. If you are thinking about installing new screening intended for special uses, contact our specialists today for a free estimate!
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Custom Screen Door

Custom Fit Screen Door with Steel Wheels

No Commercial Window Cleaning Job is Too Big!

Custom Window Washing and Screens can deliver head turning results for any size window cleaning job in Temecula and Murrieta. From large Commercial buildings and high rises to Residential, we’ve got you covered. We have the equipment and the experience to reach even the most difficult windows.


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Boom Lift Commercial Window CleaningBoom Lift Commercial Window Cleaning

Commercial Window Cleaning

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the price include?

We wash the inside and outside of the windows, we remove the screen and completely clean it, then it is treated with a UV protecting solution. We also clean off the frames, sills and tracks. Then we reinstall the screen.

Why should we have our windows cleaned?

Other than the initial benefit of having clear, clean looking glass to see out of, windows should be cleaned for several reasons. First off the wind and rain in the environment is continually putting dirt, bacteria, dirt mites, bugs, pollen and chemicals all over your windows, screens, tracks and sill. When they are regularly maintained it helps keep these toxins from entering your house, thus cutting down on allergies and sickness.

How often should we get our windows cleaned?

We recommend every 6 months. We use products that treat your windows and screens from damaging UV rays which will help prevent cracking and breaking of the seals in the windows. This will help in saving you money from costly repairs.

Request a Service from us in Temecula, California, and clear that grime off your windows with our window cleaning service ...

... or call us at (951) 249-9404. We guarantee a brilliant shine every time!

Customer Feedback


Aron & Julie did a FANTASTIC job on our windows and screens & we would DEFINITELY recommend them to our neighbors & friends!
Sherrie W. (via Yelp)11 April 2013


Arrived right on time and performed excellently.  Well worth the price, which is quite reasonable. Family business new residents in Murrieta.
Arvin T. (via Yelp)05 September 2013


Excellent value. My windows look brand new. Screens are so clean I can barely see them! Tracks are clean and my doors and windows function like new.
Athena C. (via Yelp)25 October 2013